Areas of Practice

Railroad Litigation

Rincon Law Group represents  a  global leader in the railroad industry in  a  broad spectrum  of Federal  Employment  Liability Act litigation, including  single  event  and  repetitive  trauma claims. Additionally, Rincon Law Group handles contract and third­party crossing and premises liability matters.

Rincon Law Group is a member of the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.

Motor Carrier Litigation

Rincon Law Group represents over­the­road motor carriers and fleet operators in the defense of personal injury and wrongful death actions. Rincon Law Group maintains emergency response capability and has extensive experience coordinating investigations of catastrophic occurrences. As with other practice areas, Rincon Law Group has developed a strong and responsive network of  regional  experts  in  the fields  of  accident  investigation  and  reconstruction,  bio­mechanics, toxicology, and Department of Transportation and trucking industry safety compliance.

Rincon Law Group defends a broad spectrum of common law and statutory­based  actions for issues that implicate driver judgment to allegations of negligent hiring and retention, and freight and  work  place  injury  actions.  Rincon  Law  Group  lawyers  are  active members  of  the  DRI Trucking  Law Committee,  the  Transportation  Lawyers  Association (TLA),  and  the  Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA). Mr. Rincon is also a member of the American College of Transportation Attorneys (ACTA).

Commercial Litigation

Rincon Law Group has extensive experience representing shareholders, partners, and corporate organizations in breach of contract, extra contractual, corporate governance, shareholder rights, declaratory  judgment,  injunctive  and  equitable  actions  to  enforce  or  preserve rights  in commercial transactions.

Rincon Law Group represents corporations in a variety of matters, from disputes arising from the sale  of  goods  or  services,  to  disputes arising from  the  dissolution  of  business  entities,  to protection of trade names, trade secrets and claims of deceptive or unfair business practices.

Products Liability

Rincon Law Group represents a broad range of product manufacturers in all facets of breach of warranty,  negligence  and  strict  product liability  claims.  Rincon  Law  Group  has  extensive experience  working  with  global  leaders  in  the  automotive,  heavy  construction equipment  and pharmaceutical industries. Rincon Law Group currently serves as regional counsel for one of the largest  automobile manufacturers  in  the  world.  In  this  regard,  Rincon  Law  Group  has  vast experience working with national counsel and in­house legal departments in complex multi­party cases in federal and state courts and with a broad range of experts in the area of crash worthiness, design, warnings and regulatory compliance.

Occupational and Toxic Torts

Rincon  Law  Group  represents  employers  and  premises  owners  against  allegations  raised  in complex multi­party industrial hygiene and work place safety based cases.

These  matters  have  included  allegations  of  exposure  to  asbestos,  benzene,  carbon  dioxide, cleaners  and solvents, diesel fume exhaust, fire  extinguisher particulate  and silica. In handling the defense  of these  cases, Rincon Law Group  has worked with leading experts in  disciplines ranging from regulatory compliance and state of the art to all facets of occupational medicine.

Construction Litigation

Rincon  Law  Group  represents  owners,  general  contractors,  sub­contractors  and  design professionals in all facets of construction defect, contract and ancillary personal injury litigation that  flows  from  large  construction  projects.  Rincon  Law  Group  lawyers  are experienced  in private and public projects.

Cross Border Litigation

Rincon Law Group also represents parent corporate organizations in the prosecution and defense of actions that arise from the operations of its foreign subsidiary organizations including breach of  fiduciary  duties,  conflicts  of  interests,  interference  with  contractual relationships  and usurpation  of  corporate  opportunities.  In  this  regard,  Rincon  Law  Group  has  extensive experience in assisting and counseling multi­national manufacturing companies with facilities on the  U.S.­Mexican  border  on  managing  cross­border  litigation, namely  coordinating contemporaneous and related litigation in Mexico and the United States.

Rincon Law Group has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions to challenges presented when facing conflicts of law and election of remedies in separate forums and differing legal systems.  Rincon  Law  Group  has  also  developed  an  extensive  network  of reliable  and trusted counsel and investigative resources throughout Mexico.

Additionally, Rincon Law Group has assisted with on­site investigations in Mexico relating to catastrophic events including large scale damage to property and catastrophic injuries or death.

Employment Litigation and Trial Work

Rincon Law Group represents many private industries and employers on a wide range of federal and  state  employment  law  issues including  the  defense  of  allegations  of  discrimination, retaliation,  and workplace injuries. Rincon Law Group represents private employers during  all aspects  of  the  litigation  process,  including  the  trial  and  appellate  levels.   In  addition  to representing corporations  and  private  industries  at  the  litigation  stage,  Rincon  Law  Group consults  with  employers  prior  to  the  initiation  of litigation  including  conducting  internal investigations.

Advocacy and Trial

In addition to the large docket of cases where Rincon Law Group serves as sole or lead counsel, Rincon Law Group is routinely hired to serve as local trial counsel in catastrophic or high­stakes commercial litigation.

Rincon Law Group lawyers also have extensive experience in participating in mock trials, focus groups  and  other  types  of  jury  research in  high  exposure  cases. In  this  regard,  the  firm  has worked  with several  leading  national  jury  consulting  firms  on  a  broad spectrum  of  complex commercial and tort litigation matters.

Insurance First Party Practice/Coverage

Rincon  Law  Group  has  experience  defending  and  trying  to  conclusion  first  party  claims including allegations of common law and statutory insurance, bad faith, deceptive trade practices and breach of contract. Additionally, Rincon Law Group has handled a broad range of insurance coverage disputes in the automotive, homeowners and trucking policy context.

Government Liability

Rincon  Law  Group  lawyers  have  extensive  experience  in  representing  various  units  of  local government  including  housing authorities,  home rule  municipalities,  counties,  health  districts, and state agencies in a broad range of civil rights, commercial, employment, Tort Claims Act, and land use litigation.

Motion and Appellate Practice

Rincon Law  Group  lawyers  also  engage  in sophisticated motion practice and are often  called upon to develop strategy, write  and argue significant  evidentiary,  jurisdictional  and procedural motions ranging from challenges to medical and scientific causation to admissibility of technical opinion evidence to perfecting forum, jurisdictional and venue positions. Rincon Law Group is experienced in prosecuting and defending interlocutory, post­verdict and post­judgment motion practice  along with  prosecuting  or  defending  appeals to intermediate  and Courts  of last resort including  oral  advocacy  at  each stage  of the  proceeding. In  addition to traditional motion  and appellate practice, Rincon Law Group prosecutes  and defends  equitable requests for discovery and other requests for extra­ordinary remedies.

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